Privacy Policy

Kojima Giken Kogyo and Kojima Giken Sales (KG) both treat private information accordingly to the Privacy Policy below.

1.Definition of Private information
“Private information” is the information belong to individual who is still living and the information which recognize this particular individual with the name or other description, also the information which recognize this particular person by referring to other information.

2. Collecting Private information
When contact is made, we ask to collect the private information of our customers. The purpose of collection is written and collection is done properly with applicable laws considered and with fair methods.
These are the information we ask.

• Your name
• The name of your company
• Address
• Telephone number
• E-mail address

3. How to use private information
Once we obtain your private information, this is how we use them.
• Returning answers and providing information on sales activities
• Notification of new services and other news
We will never disclose the information of our customers without their permission.
Except the cases below.
• Under the laws, when we have submit the information. Or when we have to cooperate with national, local government and or anyone trusted by these entity ask us to disclose the information in order to conduct procedures under the law.
• In order to protect lives of individuals or to protect properties of individuals and the permission to disclose is difficult to obtain.

4 .Secure protection of private information
Once obtained, the private information will be securely protected by having reasonable, organizational, physical, personal and technological methods. At the same time information will be treated with our own rules and regulation which are all based upon applicable laws and regulations. Thus, we do our best not to have the illegal intrusion to our data, the loss of private information, the unauthorized revision of private information, the leak of private information.

5. Revision or delete of private information
Please contact below for the revision or delete of private information.
• Contact Info. : TEL : 042-755-7300 E-mail:

6.Change in our privacy policies
KG will announce publicly on this web page when we change any of our privacy policies concerning the collection of information, purpose of collection, or any other changes.


April, 2012
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